Picture of the week #15

By October 24, 2016latest_news, potw

The J.R. Tolkien Passing The Old Naval College (c) Mike Roberts

Today’s picture of the week was chosen by Beverley Poynter and is “The J.R. Tolkien Passing The Old Naval College” by Mike Roberts.

Beverley says “The first thing that struck me about this image was the Sepia (Black & White) tone which made it stand out from all the green images on the BL Gallery. As soon as I clicked to open the image, I was already convinced it was the one. I like the fact that it almost looks like drawing/painting; this is Art. Each object looks as if its been carefully place on a canvas and the choice of blurring outer edge worked brilliantly to capture the central subject. The steeples and upward pointing objects form really striking vocal points, and the density of the trees compliment the fading scenery and break up the parallel lines perfectly. I also feel that the choice of sepia throws a warm peaceful embrace into the mood which makes me want to stay with the image for longer. Well done Mike!”

This is our fifteenth photo of the week. “Play tag”. The person whose photo is chosen each week should then select next week’s image. Send your choice to greenlondon@rps.org with some brief notes as to why you chose it and we’ll then post here. The only rule is that you can’t ‘tag back’ – i.e. you can’t pick a photo by the person who picked yours. Hope we can keep the fun going.

So it’s over to you, Mike.   Please pick an image between 23rd and 29th October, for posting on Sunday, the 30th October.

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