June-July competition

Borough of Hackney_Riverside Gardens, Essence of Place

I chose this photo as I feel it shows the essence of place in three different ways; the frame of overhanging leaves and flowers, the background scene which gives you a sense of the water-landscape with people strolling, and the reflection in the water-sculpture which tells you about the sense of space around where people can sit and enjoy the water-feature.

I had just departed from the London Naturally Walk around Woodberry Wetlands for a long ‘Breathing London’ walk home, to see what else there was to discover on route. The area itself is part of Woodberry Down and West Reservoir, although it was taken in Riverside Gardens, which is also the main feature upon the big ball.

I had several attempts at taking this photo, as my camera will only go up to f8, so depth of field can be challenging, so it can prove difficult to get all three levels of view (foreground, background, reflection) in focus. I decided to play with filters that are set within my Lumix Bridge Camera to see how I could resolve the lack of focus/sharpness on all the view points at once and felt this worked well as a resolve and created some fabulous colouring.

I don’t own photoshop or any other techie software, so the photo is just how it is when taken. I feel that there is a lot going on this photo which reveals a lot about the place, without it creating ‘noise’.

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